The members and staff of Cool Leaders affiliate to Industry related organisations. Clik on the tab to see our current Affiliations

Our products and suppliers are carefully selected as they form an integral part of our core business. 

Cool Leaders is committed to social responsibility programs. Please visit our page for more information.

Our Code of ethics

In support of the company's commitment to promotion of better business ethics, the fight against corruption, fraud, misleading advertising and negotiating in bad faith. Cool Leaders has drawn up the following code of Ethics. 

·         The Company will 

·         Act ethically always taking reasonable interest              of all stakeholders into account

·         Ensure that individuals and entities working for              it will be accountable for their conduct.

·         Be conducted in a manner that is fair, and in                    particular does not mislead anyone or                                misrepresent any products or service offered

·         Not knowingly supply a defective or dangerous            product or service

·         Ensure all associated with it must see that                      confidential information remains as such.

·         Be conducted with reasonable care and skill.

·         take reasonable account of the interests of the              community in which it operates